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Wilton Pops


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Préparez-vous pour des fêtes toutes bâtonnées! Vous découvrirez dans ce livre 250 idées de Pops avec des insctructions étape par étape.

Get ready for the most stick-tacular treats that ever popped up at a party! It's Pops!, the eye-popping new publication that will help you transform your celebration with sweets on a stick! With Pops!, traditional favorites like cake, cookies, brownies and cereal treats break away from the plate and stand up to join the celebration.
You'll discover over 250 amazing decorated pop ideas. Kids can hold a gumball machine, a sailboat, a dinosaur or even a decorated birthday cake in the palm of their hand. We've also included a Pops Parade section--a gallery of over 100 treats arranged in 6 exciting decorating styles including fun flowers, tasty toppings, people shaped designs and elegant treats perfect for sweet tables at any big event. Plus, you'll find basic pop-making tips, step-by-step instructions and great ways to present pops at a party or as gifts.

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